Mackerel is a surreal collection of poetry and photography that thrives in the currents of imagination.

“The static electricity was driving each of them to sanity. The blinding of life. The simplicity of an inflatable wife. The tubular bells record and being buttered with a spatula each night.”

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Paperback Book
Lewis Dohren

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The Casserole
Of Nonsense

The Casserole of Nonsense is a collection of poems and short stories, combining the drone and struggle of normal life with the hilarity of new-age confusion. It has been cosmically grown and sourced from the minds of Lewis Dohren and Jack Turner to provide the reader with a well-deserved break from the burden of normality.

The book is currently stocked in UK National Libraries, The Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool), Waterstones and Good Press (Glasgow). You can order your copy online right here!

Paperback Book
Lewis Dohren and Jack Turner
140 Pages/ 111x178mm
ISBN: 978-1-5272-4765-9